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Tree Stump Removal Fort Myers FL

Of all of the tree services in Fort Myers that we do, stump removing and grinding is the one our clients are very grateful for. If you have previously had a tree removed, you know what a burden the stump can be. It doesn’t look lovely, takes up space, and might even stop you from growing another tree. The issue is that taking it out yourself can take several hours of hard labor and specialized tools. Stumps are typically cut near the ground. In several instances, like stabilizing a steep grade, it could be better to keep these stumps. On many occasions, though, tree stump removal Fort Myers FL is better. Stump grinding (stump cutting) is the preferred technique of stump removal. A piece of stump-grinding equipment shaves the stump down to below grade. Sometimes, the sole method to eliminate a stump without leading harm to the surrounding area is using shovels, axes, and picks to get it done by hand. We can arrange and offer quotes for stump grinding and removal at your demand. Have you been sick of that ugly tree stump? It is time to contact the staff at our company! With over ten years of tree removal expertise, we are your source for a safe, affordable, and prompt solution to the tree issues, which includes stump grinding and stump removal. In a hill or other terrain where erosion is troublesome, it could be ideal for grinding the stump away while leaving the roots intact. Roots provide stability to the surrounding dirt and are essential for preventing erosion in several settings.

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In other instances, the roots and the stump may be broken down as well. When the roots and stumps are situated near a building or other structures, the roots should be eliminated by hand using shovels, axes, and picks. The stump grinding Fort Myers FL process may be finished right where the roots left off. Roots can bring collateral damage to structures such as sidewalks, masonry, roadways, foundations, and walkways. Large roots can continue to grow in several instances, sending up new shoots known as suckers, which could develop into another tree. So the exact species of the tree has an impact on whether the roots are removed.

On the other hand, you will find several trees with a relatively heavy, shallow root, making stump treatment pretty easy and straightforward. How long will you have to check out that ugly stump before you do anything about it? Allow our company to come in, at your convenience, and eliminate it. Our commercial-grade stump grinders, which our professional staff has operated, will handle the mess, which means you will not need to lift a finger. Our knowledgeable team will have it covered whether we are merely grinding down a stump or getting rid of a tree and grinding its stump.

Stump Grinding Fort Myers FL

We are not the company that “just send out a crew” of people to look after your commercial or personal property. Our workers are trained in every aspect of their work responsibilities. We also have an ongoing safety program and implement individual safety assessments for every new hire. This involves lessons on the mandated usage of required personal protective gear and equipment. Also, our personnel takes first aid classes and CPR annually. Almost all of this equates to one formula; we want our clients to be at ease with the job while our workers carry out their work tasks. Fort Myers FL stump grinding and removal are required after tree removal. We provide affordable grinding and removal of tree stumps. Most of the stumps are unattractive and detract from the appearance of your lawn and landscape. Additionally, stumps may be dangerous to your home because they can provide housing for insects, like ants, wasps, beetles, and other nuisance pests. We offer professional and affordable tree stump grinding and removal services; call us the next time you have an unsightly stump you need to disappear.

First of all, you truly have to be aware of how vital it is to have tree stumps removed from your home. If you disregard the stump, this will prompt the development of various other trees around it, which may subsequently be quite costly to remove. That is also not to mention that tree stumps could be a magnet for carpenter ants, termites, or beetles (which poses an entirely new array of concerns) and can be a primary safety hazard for individuals who may unintentionally trip over them. The stump grinding service is regarded as a reasonably priced method to deal with unwanted stumps. Tree stump roots can go several feet below grade level, which is why a 6″ stump grinding is the best method to go with. Along with grinding the stump, we also grind the uncovered root flares that pertain to the stump. Our arborist Fort Myers FL team does countless deep stump grinding services for tree nurseries, homeowners, and contractors all over the region.

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Fort Myers FL Stump Grinding

On the day of the service, our staff will arrive within the pre-specified two-hour window and begin setting up. At that point, our team will start the grinding process by using a rake and shovel to clear the whole area of debris. After the chainsaw cut the stump as low to the ground as possible, we will then place the grinder over what is left of the stump. The sharp blades of the machine will move back and forth over the stump. This procedure will go on until the upper part of the stump is between three and six inches below the ground. The residual dirt, debris, or brush could be cleaned up, and you can opt for our staff to grow grass or lay sod over the hole, which will make the area look good as new. How long the grinding process takes depends upon the trees and its species’ dimension. But it often takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Unlike our removal and trimming services, stump grinding calls for the use of heavy machinery; there is no other efficient and safe option. Nevertheless, our Morbark grinders have been constructed significantly to minimize damage to the landscape. We are thrilled to be the staff Fort Myers trusts!